Call for Artists: Hail to the King

Headspace Gallery Call for Art!

Call for Artists

This August marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of comic book artist, writer and editor Jack “King” Kirby. And to celebrate the work of this pioneering genius, the Headspace Gallery is assembling artwork that pays tribute to Jack Kirby, and his many creations.

We are looking for art submissions that depict characters that Jack Kirby created, in a style that explores the intent and energy of those creations. The exhibit, titled “Hail to the King” will open on Friday, August 26 from 7-9pm.

Exhibition Calendar

Jul 12th - August 13th - Submissions are open.

August 16 - Arists Will be notified of acceptance.

August 25th - Opening Reception

Submission Details

  • Artwork must be formatted to 11x17 (tabloid).
  • All submissions will be made digitally.
    • accepted formats are .jpg / .png / .pdf
    • color profile must be CMYK
  • Submissions must be all ages friendly, they will be hung in a main thoroughfare.
  • Work must be based on the artwork, characters, or composition of Jack Kirby.
  • All submissions must be finished art work. Unfinished pieces will not be accepted.
  • We will be in charge of printing and hanging all work, if accepted artists are interested in doing a print run of their poster that can be facilitated.