New Comics Preview for Wednesday, July 4th 2018

Hey everybody!!

ITS... TIME... for.. the most exciting Stream Brain Comics live preview yet!!!!

This week we've got hot new releases from every corner of the comic publishing world. Marvel hits hard with Captain America #1, Astonishing X-Men #14, and Avengers #4. DC Comics follows up with the monolithic Batman #50, the spin off Catwoman #1 by killer Joelle Jones, and Justice League #3 written by juggernaut Scott Snyder. Image hits below the belt with Paper Girls #22, and another rottingly awesome episode of the Kirkman's Walking Dead. And rounding things off, Dearborn's own Dave Acosta deliverers chillingly fantastic art on the new Elvira Mistress of the Dark series from Dynamite Entertainment. All these, and over one hundred more titles await you in the great halls of Green Brain Comics.