New Comic Day Preview 01-23 @ Green Brain Comics

It's live preview night at the Detroit Auto Show... no wait... it's #streambraincomics Your weekly live preview of all the new comics and graphic novels hitting the shelf on Wednesday morning at Green Brain Comics.

This week, we've got super titles like Batman, Justice League, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fantastic Adventure titles like Star Wars, Avant Guards, and the brand new Buffy the Vampire Slayer series from Boom Studios.

You'll find lots of fun for the kids with Over the Garden Wall, Teen Titans Go, and a new Loud House graphic novel.

For more sophisticated Archie fans, look for Blossoms 666, and more great mature audiences titles like Kaijumax, Sandman, and Tank Girl.

And finally, you'll discover unique indy graphic novels from Neil Gaiman, Serpieri, Toppi, and R. Crumb.

All these, and nearly a hundred more new releases hit the shelf this Wednesday, January 23rd at Green Brain Comics.

Check out the vid, and we'll see you on New Comic Book Day at Green Brain Comics.