Wonder Filled Comic Preview Night @ Green Brain Comics 02-13

Gather the family around the magic screen and enjoy an exciting tour of Green Brain Comics on the night before New Comic Day! It's time for Stream Brain Comics.

Check out over one hundred new comic titles, all new this week.

Get your list together, and prepare for your visit this Wednesday.

Hot titles include Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Twins from DC Comics. Immortal Hulk, IronHeart, and Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics.

Outstanding sci-fi adventure titles like Star Wars, Avatar, and Space Academy 123.

Fun reads for young readers include Amazing World of Gumball, Plants vs Zombies, and Wings of Fire.

Big fun in small press adventure when Army of Darkness teams up with Bubba Hotep, Hit Girl by writer director Kevin Smith, and the conclusion of Magic Order by Mark Millar.

Finally, we go into real life adventure with Lucy Knisley's new Kid Gloves graphic novel, a biographical graphic novel about Charles Darwin, and a new printing of Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

New adventures await you on your next visit at Green Brain Comics.

Follow us here for previews of future releases, and remember to FEED YOUR BRAIN! at Green Brain Comics.